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I have finally taken the plunge and joined instagram! I will be posting all my hand lettering and gin related bits and bobs here too. See you there!

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BBC Prom 59 ~ Life Story ~ Attenborough

All rainy Sundays should be spent at the Royal Albert Hall listening to David Attenborough present the Life StoryΒ Prom 59.

It was so so good, I implore you to listen to it all and I bet you a fiver you can’t hold your shit together for ‘Elephants’; the score composed by Gold to play alongside a herd inspecting the bones of an ancestor.

Composer: Murray Gold
Conductor:Β Jeremy Holland-Smith
Presenter: David Attenborough
Orchestra:Β BBC Concert Orchestra


the easiest coffee ice-cream

I love ice-cream but I don’t have a fancy ice-cream maker, nor do I want to faff about churning it all the time! This is perfect and amended slightly from good ole Nigella.

300ml double cream
150g condensed milk
2tbsp espresso powder (not liquid!)
2tbsp of coffee or chocolate liqueur
Optional : nuts, chocolate chips

Put all ingredients together and whip (electric or by hand) until the cream has created peaks.


Pop it in a container and into the freezer for 6 hours, or even better, overnight.

The alcohol will ensure the ice-cream never freezes solid and retains a gelato consistency.

Enjoy :) !

warby parker ~ nailing it

Some companies are nailing it at the minute. Warby Parker is one of them.

If you’ve not seen their annual reports, you should take a look, such a breath of fresh air from the pages of text you normally see. Here’s their 2014 reportΒ and 2013 was also ace.

…and here’s a note from their CEO Dave to me…you can now refer to me as loofah :). More companies should do this! Brands, take note.

@warbyparker | instagram

summer wishlist

These are a few things I am currently ogling :). Hello, Summer.

1. CeramicΒ plant pot | Β£29.64 |Β wacamole ceramic
2. Vintage pink eraser and brush | Β£6.00 | present & correct
3. White espadrilles | Β£49.99 | zara
4. Denim shirt | Β£39.99 | zara
5. Bowie shirt | 140euro | gkero
6. Pink blanket | Β£59.00 |house of rym at the future kept
7. How to be both book | Β£8.99 | waterstones
8. Straw fedora | Β£17.00 | stories
9. Pineapple cozzie | Β£19.99 | h&m
10. Neon palmairas | Β£42.00 |

HidrateMe ~ smart water bottle

HidrateMe, a smart water bottle that syncs to your phone to track your water intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated


I actually need this bottle…and it looks like others do too because it is already funded! Hooray!

I would love to be one of those people guzzling water all day, sadly I am just not. I have a coffee in the morning and I can genuinely go for hoursssss without drinking anything else, because I don’t get very thirsty unless I have done a workout.

If I am at my desk I *might* remember to fill up a glass, if not, gawwwd knows when, most probably when I am lethargic and grouchy with the beginnings of a headache which is a taaaad too late to keep the ole noggin and body healthy. I know I know. Must. Do. Better.

Check it out below.