time out london vs louie in london

My lovely friends at Google Local London have done a feature alongside Time Out London with recommendations from their #googlecityexperts on where their favourite places in London are.

I am surprised we even managed to whittle it down! but at the no. 1 spot is meeeee and my recommendation for a day at Print Club London. Go have a nose at it here, there are loads of good suggestions, and you never know, some might be even better in this lovely March sunshine!

time out

#trytotal pin to win


If you are a lover of Total Greek Yoghurt, and let’s face it, who isn’t, then have a nose at their #TryTotal Pinterest competition! You could have your chosen recipe featured on the side of their pots AND one month’s supply of Total yoghurt. Everyone’s a winner baby.

These are the rules…

…and these are the ingredients you can choose from…

My entry is here, a super easy cucumber and mint raita for curry night (we were just missing a little dash of sea salt)!

Good luck :)

true blue baby i love you

I am having a very blue March, not in a pyjamas+pasta+no make up+wallowing+watching The Notebook type of blue hoooo no, more of a coveting+Spring+magpie kind of blue. These are on my bought/to buy list…

1. Habitat ‘Knot’ Floor Cushion | £110, habitat.co.uk
~ Don’t be fooled by it being branded a cushion, this little bundle of knots is solid! and big. AND currently on sale!

2. ASOS Sandals | £20, asos.com
~ Pastel, plaited and leather. Lovely.

3. Urban Cottage Industries Bulb Cage | £52.80, urbancottageindustries.com
~ I just need these. The moment I stop renting, they shall be mine.

4. Del Toro Paper Airplane Slippers | $325, deltoroshoes.com
~ You had me at paper airplane.

5. Lucie Sheridan Sausage Dog Tape | £4.50, ohhdeer.com
~ All my friends should expect their parcels to be wrapped in sausage dogs forever more.

6. Duncan Shotton Rainbow Pencil | £10.00 for 5, ohhdeer.com
~ Ok I know it’s not strictly blue, but you can make rainbows whilst you doodle.

7. & Other Stories Shirt | £55.00, stories.com
~ Mulberry silk and bright as a button.

8. Ladybird Likes Butterfly Collar Clips | £14.00, etsy.com and ohhdeer.com
~ A white shirt is perfect enough, but add these little lovelies and you. are. sorted. for life.

9. Penelope Chilvers | £199.00, penelopechilvers.com
~ The most powdery of power blue. Sold, to Louie on the left.

beautiful brogues

Wing-tip, Chelsea, half, full, suede, patent, battered or shiny and new…I know we have basically snaffled the brogue fashion from fellas, but I care not a jot. They are not admired by everyone, but they are loved by me and my fellow creative bod Sarah Elaine Bromley. I thought it was about time that I dedicated a post to the marvellous brogue. So here are my favourites…

1. ASOS Marky | £24.50, ASOS.com
2. Grenson Emily | £210.00, Grenson.co.uk
3. Hobbs Walter | £189.00, Hobbs.co.uk
4. Russell & Bromley Cadogan | £215.00, Russellandbromley.co.uk
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Floral | £345.00, Liberty.co.uk 
6. Poste Mistress Beatrice | £45.00, Office.co.uk
7. Penelope Chilvers Camber | £199.00, Penelopechilvers.com
8. Christian Louboutin Zazou | £545.00, Net-a-porter.com
9. Dr Martens Aila | £125.00, Drmartens.com

saturday cooking ~ spaghetti alle vongole

One of my favourite dishes ever. It is not always easy to find clams, so I don’t make it much, but now I pop to Meek & Wild in Highbury and stock up from the lovely chaps there.

There are lots of versions with dried chilli, cream or tomatoes, but so far, this is a nice simple one and my favourite…

(Serves 4)

750g clams
400g spaghetti
4 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves garlic
1/2 red chilli
2 shallots
150ml dry white wine (the rest will go very nicely with the vongole!)
25g / big bunch of flat leaf parsley



1. Clean the clams in cold water until the water runs clean and all little bits of grit are removed, discard any broken clams. Boil the kettle ready for the spaghetti
2. Finely chop the shallots, chilli and parsley and cut the garlic into rounds
3. Heat 2 tbspns of olive oil and soften the chilli, garlic and shallots for 3-4 mins, but do now brown (I use a wok!)
4. Cook your spaghetti in bubbling salted water until al dente, or as you wish
5. Add the white wine and simmer until the liquid reduces by half
6. Add the clams and cook quickly, shuffling them around, on a medium heat. They will start opening after about 3-4 mins, cook until all are fully open, discard any that do not open
7. Check your spaghetti! If done, drain, pop it back in the pan, stir in a dash of olive oil and stick a lid on to keep warm for a few minutes
8. Once all the clams are open, add your spaghetti, the rest of the olive oil and finish with the parsley
9. Shuffle quickly to coat everything, and serve! I finish with some more parsley and cracked black pepper, but I think that would be frowned upon in Venice :)!


and mary ~ a new favourite

Right. I have some new favourite products from And Mary. I found the adorable rings whilst nosing on The Little Deer. Who doesn’t need a little penguin ring perched on your finger keeping warm?

Run by Alison and McNeil (with a little help from the dogs, Elvis and Edith, I expect) they are purveyors of deeeeelightful porcelain jewellery and accessories, all handmade and hand painted by Alison in bonny Scotland.

When I have a house, ALL the door knobs will be penguins. This is my February wishlist, and it shall be mine…


1. Penguin Ring by And Mary | £25.00, thelittledeer.co.uk or andmary.com

2. Penguin Door Knob | £17.50, andmary.com

3. Owl Door Knob | £17.50, andmary.com

beck and burg ~ cinemagraphs

A Cinemagraph is an image that contains a little moving moment repeating. Think of it as an image having a fling with a video, with glorious results, preserved forever.

Beck and Burg named the process ‘Cinemagraph’ for their cinematic quality while also maintaining the principles of traditional photography. Kevin Burg (visual graphics artist) began experimenting with the .gif format yonks ago but it wasn’t until he partnered with Jamie Beck (photographer) to cover NYFW that Cinemagraphs were born.

They have created oodles of amazing fashion editorial and portraits in their time collaborating. Fingers and Hobbit toes crossed that they create more for the upcoming fashion weeks!

I don’t know if you have ever tried to make a cinemagraph, but they are by no means easy. I doubt I will ever produce something as beautiful as a Beck and Burg creation, but if you want to give it a go, have a nose at cinemagram and create your very own on Android or iOS. Drop me a line if you manage it and we can post some here!