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Go check out the Creative Safari blog – loads of great illustration and design featured. This week they were kind enough to feature the stitched ‘Gustave’ postcard :).

If you fancy a customised postcard sent to someone, or just sent to yourself!, drop by etsy here or send me a note.

blog and buy sale wishlist


The lovely folks at Blog and Buy Sale have put together their Spring wishlist, and featured some of my stitched postcards!

These are my favourites from my fellow creative bods :), go have a nose at all the designers I am alongside here!

1. ‘Gerald’ Chicken Print ~ Abby Cook Illustration | £18.00

2. Zebra Pop Cushion ~ Urbanknit | £35.00

3. Single Triangle Necklace ~ Fawn and Rose | £15.00

4. Tetrahedron Cushion ~ Alfred & Wilde | £48.00

5. Wild City Print ~ Supermarche Studio | £70.00

6. Dark Selection Screenprint ~ Richard Horne | £50.00

floral easter eggs

A little late, but this year I made some tiny floral Easter eggs with violas. Mama T has some lovely chickens that lay teeny white eggs, so I snaffled a few from Eric the chicken and set to work.

Here you go if you want to recreate:

1. Nip off the stalk and leaves and get them as flat as you can whilst leaving the flower in one piece (leaves work nicely too)

2. Paint some pva glue mixed with a little water on a clean and dry egg where you want the flower to be, it still needs some sticking power so don’t water it down too much! (I hollowed my egg out so it lasts for yonks!)

3. Place the flower on and paint over it gently until covered. Let it dry.

4. Give it another coat and you’re done!

DIY pen pots

I couldn’t find any pen pots I liked anywhere, so I made some!

What you’ll need:
Pots! (I used glass and terracotta)
Masking tape or frog tape
Plastikote spray (I used flat copper)

How to do it:
1. Make sure all the pots are clean and dry
2. Wrap tape around the part of the pot you want to cover, ensure the edge of the tape is firmly stuck down so paint does not seep in and ruin the finished paint line
3. Spray the pots on top of newspaper outside (a few thin coats are better than one thick coat)
4. Leave them to dry for 30mins and then remove the tape

Tip: Get the wax out of used candle jars by putting a metal spoon in the jar, pouring in boiled water and leaving to go cold…the wax will float to the top and then you can give them a scrub! Be super careful.

Done! :)

boys of yoga

To most guys, yoga is pink lycra and vegan chicks. It’s breathing deeply while doing poses named after animals and feelings. It’s done in dimly lit rooms with candles and incense, followed by gluten free cupcakes and kale smoothies. And if that’s your mentality then you’re not alone. But it doesn’t mean it’s right.

Boys of Yoga have launched in London and there’s not a snipsy bit of pink lycra in sight…mainly because they have their own BOY merchandise! Go check it out, a percentage of each sale helps Railway Children too!

Have a nose at the crew here and if you fancy yourself as part of the team, or know someone that needs a little push, give them a shout…sorry no girls allowed (buy a tshirt instead)!


@boysofyoga | @instagram | facebook

All images by @michaeljameswong

DIY fort kit

fort kit

Sometimes I struggle to think what to get my nieces and nephews for their birthday and Christmas pressies. I have 5 and between them they’ve racked up 102 presents. I KNOW.

So. For my niece’s 3rd birthday she’s getting a fort kit. I don’t care how old you are, everyone enjoys a fort.

Here’s what I included for the little rascal:

– Flat sheets ~ to actually make the fort
– Glo sticks ~ to snazz up the inside
– Pegs ~ to clip it to things (?)
– Glow in the dark paint ~ to decorate it
– Googly eyes ~ for…god knows what
– Feathers ~ because she likes them!
– Fairy wands ~ for when she needs to zap her big brothers
– A fairy skirt ~ for serious fairy activities
– LED butterfly lights ~ to make the inside like a ruddy dream

….and then I tucked it all inside a pillow case. Yep. The bag would not tie.

fairy wands

You. Are. Welcome.