DIY fort kit

fort kit

Sometimes I struggle to think what to get my nieces and nephews for their birthday and Christmas pressies. I have 5 and between them they’ve racked up 102 presents. I KNOW.

So. For my niece’s 3rd birthday she’s getting a fort kit. I don’t care how old you are, everyone enjoys a fort.

Here’s what I included for the little rascal:

- Flat sheets ~ to actually make the fort
– Glo sticks ~ to snazz up the inside
– Pegs ~ to clip it to things (?)
– Glow in the dark paint ~ to decorate it
– Googly eyes ~ for…god knows what
– Feathers ~ because she likes them!
– Fairy wands ~ for when she needs to zap her big brothers
– A fairy skirt ~ for serious fairy activities
– LED butterfly lights ~ to make the inside like a ruddy dream

….and then I tucked it all inside a pillow case. Yep. The bag would not tie.

fairy wands

You. Are. Welcome.

petalon flowers ~ london

A little post for posy lovers…

I came across Petalon flowers a few weeks ago – I bloody love finding a company that does something so simple so well. They’ve squidged together a love of bicycles and an equal love of flowers to create a little business that delivers beautiful seasonal bunches within London for £25.

If you end up becoming a fan, which is probable eh?, you can have frequent flowers every week, fortnight or month. You can also sleep a little more soundly knowing that £1 per bunch goes to Capital Bee to help little bumbles in decline.

Have a peek on social, this is where you’ll find out what the bouquets for the week are going to be. And let me tell you, they are always ruddy splendid (there’s also the odd picture of lovely Huxley the hound, ‘helping’).

@Petalonflowersinstagram | facebook

on my winter wishlist

These are a bunch of things that I am currently coveting…they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine…

1. Studio roller by George & Willy | $240.00 NZD
2. Copper bowls by Rowen & Wren | £36.00 for 4
3. Gradient file by Present & Correct | £27.50
4. Rose asteroid ring by Ros Millar | £580.00
5. Paper rhino by Assemblishop | £20.47
6. Pomander candle by Diptyque | from £20.00
7. There was an old man print by Frith Kerr | £53.50
8. Ceramic pot by Wacamole | €45