DIY sleepy jumper

I’ve been seeing lots of embroidered jumpers around this Autumn and I finally decided to make my own! It is mainly good for wearing on a Friday morning when the end of the day is just a little longer away than I would like.

What you’ll need:
A grey marl sweater
A pen to mark your sleepy eyes on (I used this one)
Embroidery thread

How to make it: 
1. Mark where the eyes need to be sewn on using your iron-off pen (don’t use a ball point pen as it will be harder to remove, go for a highlighter!)
2. Sew each eye in turn, using little stitches and using all 6 embroidery threads for weight
3. Iron off the pen markings on a low setting
4. Pop it on and prance around


sorry for what I said when I was hungry ~ screen print

The Hungry screen print is now up on Etsy! It is printed by hand in a beautiful gold pigment…enjoy!


Hungry screenprint

‘Hungry’ Screeprint

Screenprint close-up

Text Close-up

Print Details:
– A3
– Gold pigment
– 330gsm white paper stock
– £40
– Dated and signed
– Packaged and shipped in heavyweight poster tube

urban gardening ~ scotch bonnet chilli diary

My parents have very green fingers and proudly tell me when I visit what we will be eating from the veg patch (I say patch, but it is more of a veg hangar) they grow so much that bunches of beans and punnets of berries have to sit out the front for neighbours to snaffle, either that or Mama T frantically freezes until the time comes when nothing else but blackcurrant ice cream will do.

My Grandad could grow anything; he had vines of grapes pushing out the windows of his greenhouse, flowers that weren’t supposed to even like our climate, misshapen tomatoes that could feed the entire street and cut up milk cartons that were nuturing little green shoots – not that he could always recall what those shoots were…

I don’t have a garden yet, but I do have the next best thing; a south facing balcony that is being turned into a mini jungle ready for Summer. However, it is missing a chilli plant, and my Cayenne Pepper finally *ahem* died, so I thought I would try growing Scotch Bonnet Chillies, and they only went and bloody GREW!! So basically, that means if I can grow something, anyone can.

A few little tips if you want to try…

I put mine in a darkened cupboard with cling film over until they sprouted
I didn’t really need to water them as the cling film kept the moisture in
I didn’t have anything snazzy to use, so I just popped them in terracotta yoghurt pots from La Peche Mignon :)

First Sprout!
The minute they sprouted, I removed the cling film and popped them in sunlight above a radiator

They grew fast! The 1st repot is needed when they have 2 sets of leave…apparently!
I kept repotting every few weeks when they looked too big for their pot
When they got chunky, I supported them with a kebab skewer – chic!
I didn’t put them outside until it got really warm, above 20oC

They drank alorra water and needed watering everyday until they reached 30cm high (if the leaves turn yellow, they’re getting a bit too much water…so Google says)
It took about 6 months from sowing to get little chubby chillies
I fed them when they started to grow fruit…and that was it!

gincident totes are back!

The teeny tote sold out! Thanks for all your interest and patience, it has taken a littttttle while and you thought they would neeeever arrive, but the good news is that they HAVE, and this time there are two designs!

Both are made from 100% unwashed natural cotton and hand-printed in London. Get all the details and grab one here on Etsy.

If you need bespoke Gincident totes, they can be made too! just drop me an email :). Enjoy!

Here’s a sneak peek…

chet faker ~ happy friday

We didn’t think we would make it through the 4 day week. But we did, we did.

My music maker friend suggested I listen to Chet Faker, and so I did, and therefore it is only fair that I share. Thank goodness for remarkable friends.

Happy Friday folks. Assume a horizontal position. Have coffee close at hand. Close those droopy eyes. Work will be fiiiiine with it.